The Artist

The Artist - Pam Wadsworth

     It all started many years ago as I began honing my skills and craft. I started building stained glass windows, doors and lamps, slowly moving from hobby to business. In the early days, designing projects for others filled me with a sense of accomplishment and also frustration trying to satisfy client’s needs.  I am awed by the mystery of creativity and how it works.  As an artist, I continue to struggle with creativity and the marketing of products.
     Today, I focus mostly on smaller, more portable projects combining dichroic glass with sterling silver, fine silver (as in Precious Metals Clay) and copper, making one-of-a-kind wearable art (glasswear). A life-long craft junkie and lover of art in all forms, I work as deliberately as I can, consciously employing multiple techniques borrowed from different arts and crafts.  I thrive on change and am constantly developing myself which allows me to bring new ideas and techniques to be combined with glass.    
           Each year my work changes.  My fashion eye is project manager. Currently my work revolves around making kiln fused glass pendants, rings and kiln fused and slumped glass bracelets, and combining glass with Precious Metals Clay.  I often use sterling silver wire to wrap the fused pendants, and sometimes I weave or knit sterling or copper wire into Viking pattern necklaces, finishing them with sterling, pewter or copper beads and using them to display large pendants.  Glass is cut into shapes, layered and fired in a glass kiln for several hours at different temperatures.  Some pieces are sawed, ground, fired two or three times and sandblasted before being wire wrapped or cold worked into a pendent, bracelet or ring.          
        My love for color, texture and reflective light is what draws me to the use of glass with dichroic chemical coatings.  I’m inspired by the flow of liquid glass as exciting colors mingle and take on a life of their own.  I usually work on several pieces of work concurrently and often rework a piece that doesn’t please me personally. Since October 2016, I have been making glass kaleidoscopes.  This is stimulating since the kaleidoscope structures offer creative glass design opportunities and the glass contents of the object cylinders also offer many creative possibilities.
      I enjoy extending my circle of influence and building new support networks through shows, gallery participation and teaching.  My work is now worn in 15 countries. I am humbled by return customers as they become friends and fill me with a sense of satisfaction.  I am always happy to discuss my work with anyone who wishes to contact me.  
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