One-of-a-kind   Glasswear  and   Other   Glass   Objects

On the following pages, I would like to introduce you to my one-of-a-kind wearable art (glasswear).  Mostly I use dichroic glass and often use sterling silver wire to wrap the fused glass pendants.  I also use Precious Metals Clay (PMC) a moldable clay which when fired in a kiln becomes fine silver (99.9 % pure) to  create  various designs.   Sometimes I weave or knit sterling or copper wire into Viking pattern necklaces, finishing them with sterling, pewter or copper beads. 
My work is always evolving. In addition to wearable glass designs, I am experimenting working with large glass objects and, recently, with glass kaleidoscopes. I invite you to check-out my gallery and upcoming events.  I don’t sell my work through my website, but I would be happy to work with individuals wishing to purchase something via e-mail.  And, I am always happy to discuss my work with anyone who wishes to contact me.

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